English to French translation service.

At ToFrench all our English to French translations are done from start to finish by real people; all are native French speakers and writers. Translation tools simply do not sound or read in a believable and convincing manner. We will translate your documents into either European French or Canadian French, contingent on your exact needs. We also proofread and edit previously done translations; finessing the words and making them flow as they should.

Your success is our success. Every client is guaranteed our full attention and expertise; an expertise that goes beyond pure human linguistics. We use the phraseology, idioms and nuances to target your selected French speaking market demographics in the best possible way.

ToFrench knows there is considerably more to effective translation than converting words from one language to another. We call this the process of “creative translation” or “transcreation”. Transcreation is the art of conveying your ideas and English document to French ideas and words from a trained writer’s perspective.

At ToFrench all our native French speaking translators are writers. This means your translations will always flow naturally and as if your words are originally written by a native French speaking author.

Your French translations are thoroughly proofread by a second set of eyes before you receive it. This ensures a polished result with perfect grammar, syntax and punctuation.

Our services cover a wide range of topics from literature and book translations to translation of marketing materials; technical translations, website translations and more. Translations are delivered in your choice of text format (Word, OpenOffice, Pages) or in a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers).

How does this form work?

1. To receive a quote for the translation of your material, please send text files, (pdf, doc, docx, json, zip, rtf, txt, string).

2. If you need a quote for the translation of a website, please provide us with the total word count and with the website's address.

3. If we don't hear from you after 15 days, all the submitted content will be permanently deleted from our computers. Whether you choose to order the translation with us, or not, all submitted content remains strictly confidential.

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“Thank you! It was an excellent experience working with you! Will definitely work again in the near future! ”


“Very professional. Adapted the text very well. Had good knowledge of the subject matter and great judgement. Thanks!”


“This translator is very professional and has very good insight on the work he does. Not only given a high quality translation but have suggested the client with ideas. Thank you for the great work and deliveries. Best Regards Big Water Consulting”

– client

“I am DELIGHTED with this translator, who has surpassed not only my hopes, but also the quality of work and the professionalism I have encountered so far in other people I tried on this project. I recommend him highly to anyone looking for high-quality translation and reliability.”

– Deborah

“Great work for our article into French EU from this Linguist. We’ll definitely contact you back next time we need your services again. Thanks!”

– translation agency

“Outstanding delivery and engagement with high-quality technical translations. We are definitely looking forward to cooperate again in the near future.”